Biofficina Toscana a manufacturer of eco-organic cosmetics

The Portofinotrek blog was created to report news relating to trails, talk about hiking clothing and equipment, but also to focus the attention of our readers on a theme we care a lot about and to which we try to contribute with some behaviors newspapers: environmental sustainability .

We couldn't have inaugurated this section in a better way, presenting Biofficina Toscana an Italian company, founded ten years ago, which produces cosmetics and body cleansers using only organic Tuscan raw materials, favoring artisanal and local realities, with a guarantee of quality and traceability.

The exclusive use of substances approved by the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture, banning everything that in recent years has proved harmful to our body, such as parabens, silicones, etc., and a control of the cultivation of raw materials, possible thanks to the short supply chain, make Biofficina Toscana products safe and certified.
But that's not all, the young and dynamic Tuscan company also demonstrates great respect for the environment under different aspects, for example by using production systems with energy from renewable sources, eliminating unnecessary packaging and leaflets and using 100% recyclable bottles. / p>

Among the great variety of featured products, one more interesting than the other, we decided to test one that will surely please our readers, namely the basic face mousse, body and hair.

Anyone who practices sports, and therefore also hiking and trekking, is used to taking many showers with the risk of compromising the well-being of the skin, if the product is too aggressive.
This is not the case with the Biofficina Toscana mousse with organic Tuscan Calendula and Oats , specially designed for sensitive and reddening skin. A soft and delicate foam, but consistent, very pleasant and practical to apply that leaves the skin soft and well hydrated.
Initially, for those accustomed to using a traditional shampoo, it could be unconvincing for washing hair in as it does not contain chemical surfactants, the foam is much softer and consequently dissolves faster, but after a few applications the benefits are clearly visible, the hair will be stronger and shinier.
In our opinion it is also very suitable for the daily face wash.

Why do we recommend this product?

  • Because it is 100% natural
  • It has no fragrance, so it is suitable for the whole family
  • It is a multipurpose product, practical to transport and helps reduce waste.
  • The bottle is made with recycled plastic.


Raw materials: Organic Calendula and Organic Oat Extract, both used for the treatment of sensitive skin prone to redness .

Functional substances: Surfactants of natural origin (cleanse effectively but naturally); Urea (moisturizer that promotes cell renewal and fights skin thickening); Glycerin (humectant with moisturizing function)

For a complete treatment, it can be combined with Basic face-body cream , one cream produced with the same raw materials and the same characteristics of the mousse.
A cream with a light texture that we really liked because a very small amount is enough, it is easily applied with a simple massage and dries quickly leaving no traces of grease but only a feeling of freshness.
Personally we appreciated its moisturizing and relaxing properties, when we are back home with red skin after a day spent at the beach.