The forest of the fairies of Zoagli

The path that from the center of Zoagli climbs to the small hamlet of Semorile crossing the Via dei Mulini, in addition to the natural beauty, reserves an unexpected surprise for hikers who walk it for the first time: an open air exhibition of original works, mostly made with recycled materials.

Intrigued and very interested in this too, we contacted the artist to find out more.

The artist Rita Tomasoni left Lombardy to move to Liguria in 2005, in a very quiet corner of Zoagli surrounded by greenery but two steps from the sea, and precisely in Via dei Mulini.
Rita, completely self-taught, has combined her interest in materials with a particular sensitivity for recycling, as she herself points out "The landfill can wait", transforming these materials into art.

So many faces of curious characters come to life, some of ethnic inspiration, who spy and observe passers-by from the woods; they are the favorite subject of the artist who uses terracotta and wood to create them, a material that he does not struggle to find around his home. Alongside these, objects of common use, relive a second time embellished with mosaic decorations.

The idea of exhibiting the sculptures in the woods was initially dictated by the need for space, then the inevitable interest aroused in hikers, who stop to photograph and ask for information, gave Rita the incentive to continue to create and enrich the its "fairy forest", which has become an attraction of the Zoagli-Semorile path.

To find out more, please refer to her Facebook page Sculture di Rita Tomasoni.