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With just the cost of a cappuccino and a brioche you can support portofinotrek for a period of one year.

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The need to cover the website managing costs has forced us to insert advertising, aware of the fact that this can negatively affect the navigation of the website.

But now there is the possibility of solving this problem by becoming a supporter and sponsoring Portofinotrek, simply by registering on the site and paying an annual fee of € 2,99.

What advantages does the supporter have?

  • Surfing the site more easily without the interference of banner ads and annoying pop-ups that affect the speed of the site.
  • Have a direct line with the Portofinotrek staff who will be available to give information, advice and help to plan excursions in the area in the shortest possible time.
  • Free access to the Google map of all the paths traced by portofinotrek of the Park of Portofino, Rapallo and surroundings and constantly updated (Google account is required).

How does it work?

Once payment has been received via Paypal, the registration will be automatically active; within some hours and you'll receive the confirmation and authorization for all the services listed above.

Support us

Thanks to your contribution we could keep the site up to date and providing an ever better service.

With only 2,99 euros you will have the following privileges:

  • Browse the site without ads banner
  • Have access to the map of all the paths traced by Portofinotrek
  • Have priority in communicating with our staff
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