Anello Punta Manara (Sestri Levante)

Anello Punta Manara (Sestri Levante)
  • Anello Punta Manara (Sestri Levante)
Difficulty Medium - Easy
Time 2h
Length km. 6,100
Signs  segnavia punta manara+segnavia punta manarasegnavia

Prima deviazioneIn Liguria often happens that in October there are typically summer days with clear sky and temperatures around 25 degrees ... and today is one of them!
Thinking of a walk that also offers some panoramic view of the sea, our choice falls on the path of Punta Manara, itinerary on the hills of delicious Sestri Levante.

The start of our hike is the Sestri Levante cemetery, which easily reach the motorway exit and following the signs to the police station. Here, we park the car and, even if there is no indication, we identify in the dirt road to the right of the cemetery our path.

After a few meters the path, consisting of rocks and roots of trees, begin to climb in the woods among pine trees and arbutus plants, which this season, with their red and yellow fruits, give a touch of color to the landscape.
Arrived at a crossroads, go right on the path marked by three red dots that, continuing on the flat, leads us to a second bifurcation, where a clear folder shows us that we must continue to the right.

From here the trail, where hikers converge even that rise from the center of Sestri Levante, is marked by two red squares - rocky trail Punta Manara Going up on a series of steps carved into the rock,sentiero roccioso Punta Manara we begin to see below us the bay of Sestri Levante, which we can observe better with the whole coast to the promontory of Portofino, a few steps above.

From here it follows a long very pleasant flat stretch of the sea surrounded by pine trees and some specimens of cork tree. At the fork, go down to the left to get to the bivouac Manara, where we find a refuge and a few tables with benches.
veduta panoramica Sestri Levante panoramic view Sestri Levante. Behind the building a steep staircase allows us to reach Punta Manara, an exceptional location from which our gaze sweeps to the left to Punta Mesco and right up to Portofino. In few meters to the right of the tower (what remains of) the view is 360 °.

Back at the bivouac, we take the right path, marked by two red dots, which climbs, fairly steep rock and then go flat. This is the path leading to Riva Trigoso, seaside resort and home to shipyards that we begin to see in front of us, so we, at the junction, the abandon to go left.
We arrive to an equipped open space with benches and some rudimentary exercise equipment. From here there are no clear indications so, we rely on our intuition (which will prove to be correct) and go right up to a junction. Here we leave the main trail to take a small track on the left that advances in the thick vegetation before falling, quite irregular, and arrive at a house behind.Punta Manara

We keep on the left and down a ladder, we find ourselves on a wide dirt road that we follow to the right, and that in about 15 minutes, leading us, passing through the gardens at a popular restaurant in the city, on the Via Aurelia.
To go back to our car, we turn left and follow the signs to the Carabinieri.

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