Tourist bus parking around the Portofino Park

The Park of Portofino and more generally the paths of the Tigullio, due to their characteristic of being squeezed between the sea and the hills, are also an attraction for hikers from other regions who often come to the Ligurian Riviera in organized groups, aboard impressive tourist buses. .

For these buses it is not easy to drive the narrow streets of Liguria and even less to find parking lots and special areas to allow tourists to get on and off.

We therefore thought that it might be useful to indicate the localities parking lot where tour buses can park around the Park of Portofino, starting points of the itineraries described on our website.


Passenger pick-up and drop-off point: Via Romagnego (che poi diventa Via Jacopo Ruffini), so close the cemetery's main gate, easily reachable from the Recco motorway exit.

: Ruta di Camogli, in Via Aurelia presso Km.501 (coming from Recco, 200 meters after the tunnel on the left side).


Passenger pick-up and drop-off point: Piazza Vittorio Veneto

: Via Garibotti, at the Broccardi sports field


Passenger pick-up and drop-off point: Largo aldo Moro, near the bridge called d 'Annibale.

Via Savagna, at the Poggiolino area (near the motorway exit)


Passenger pick-up and drop-off point: The bus stops on the Via Aurelia (small buses can stop in the Castellaro area, just behind the Castellaro tunnel)

Parking: there is no possibility to park for tourist buses

In any case, we recommend that you contact the Municipal Police of the city of reference, to find out about any changes to the current provisions.