Rapallo - Montallegro via Tuja and passing through Pianalunga

  • Rapallo - Montallegro via Pianalunga
Difficulty Medium
Time 2h 45' / 4h 00'
Lenght km. 8,00 / 12,00
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Dislivello 3m - 593m | dislivello positivo 734m | dislivello positivo 687m
Via Pianalunga e case di Besain
Dislivello 3m - 633m | dislivello positivo 1188m | dislivello positivo 1184m
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Today we are presenting the ancient itinerary that leads to the Sanctuary of Montallegro , following the Rio Tuja, which for years remained impracticable.
Due to some passages inside the stream, it is good to pay close attention when the presence of water is greater and we recommend wearing trekking shoes and maybe even trekking poles to help you.

The starting point is in Rapallo in Via Tuja, a small road that you meet, on the left, on Via Aurelia towards Chiavari, before arriving at the small church of San Rocco, where C.A.I Rapallo placed an illustrative panel.
Once here, keep the asphalted road that passes between the houses, where after a few meters you will see the first trail sign trail sign tuia.
After passing the houses, a pleasant flat path begins that runs along the river, where you can see an ancient mill in excellent condition, called the Mill of the Witches , and some scattered houses with cultivated gardens.
Passing under the highway bridge the road begins to rise slightly and offers some more shaded passages. Arrived in front of a large gray peasant house, the path continues to the left directly into the stream that you must cross to find the path again that climbs up and leads into a wood.
From here you will continue uphill, following the two trail markers crossing the stream a couple of times again;
in two points, where the path is particularly narrow and a little steep, chains have been installed to make the passage safer.

Leaving the wood, you will come to a small open space that offers a beautiful view of Rapallo, here the path connects to the one that comes from Il Pellegrino (1.5 km of paved road) passing through Castrusso, tiny group of houses including an ancient oil mill, now used as a B&B.

Continuing, you will arrive at the ruins of an ancient small villagenamed "Casette" and here the path divides : on the left, crossing mainly the woods, after about 140 minutes you exit just below the cable car station; on the right instead, a new path has been traced which then reconnects at the top, in Pianalunga 3-pallini-in-linea.png, with the path coming from Chiavari and, continuing to the left, you will arrive at the bar/restaurant "Il Pellegrino" and then to the Sanctuary of Montallegro (about 1h30 minutes from the detour).

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Rapallo - Montallegro via Tuja e Pianalunga