Paraggi - Molini - Olmi - Crocetta - Ghidelli - Base 0 - Cala degli Inglesi - Portofino - Paraggi

Paraggi - Molini - Olmi - Crocetta - Ghidelli - Base 0 - Cala degli Inglesi - Portofino - Paraggi
  • Paraggi - Molini - Olmi - Crocetta - Ghidelli - Base 0 - Cala degli Inglesi - Portofino - Paraggi
Difficulty Medium
Time 4h 30'
Distance km. 8,500
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Passing through

For this tour we recommend to go with the Paraggi bus every 20 ', from Piazza V. Veneto (seafront) in Santa Margherita Ligure. It 'should also obtain a good supply of water, as along the route do not meet, sources, or taps.

sentiero nella valle dei muliniThe start is at the bottom of the parking lot of Paraggi with the mule track that rises on the left side of the restaurant. We meet in the Valley of the Mills, a very beautiful part of the Park, where the trail winds under a dense vegetation, past the remains of some mills, which will include a panel that illustrates their old functions.

Beyond a log cabin and a house surrounded by gardens, a triangle of blue sea peeps behind us, contrasting with the deep green of the Mediterranean maquis.

We continue with a stone stairway in the woods, which flows beneath Mulino del Gassetta (252 mt. Asl), on the path that leads to places Olmi (250 mt. Asl), where you arrive after 15 minutes.

We are on the trajectory Summit Portofino - Portofino beach, turn right and continue uphill on the wide cobbled up to Crocetta town (363 mt. Asl) where we meet, on the left, the deviation for location Ghidelli (393mt. above sea level).

This section develops around in the woods and is a link to the route, from Pietre Strette, arrives in a short time, to Base 0 (220 m above sea level.).

After glancing down at San Fruttuoso (reached by the descent on the right), head left with the path that, after a flat stretch, advancing with a succession of ups and downs, made up of rock steps, totally overlooking the sea and numerous coves below.panorama dal sentiero Base0-Portofino

Arrived at a small group of houses along a short but steep stretch of road (mainly for use by residents) that leads us on the path shaded by chestnut trees from which, in places Vessinaro (190 meters above sea level.), The deviation to the right , for "Cala degli Inglesi".

The route is marked as binding and, indeed, in some places it is steep and slippery, but with the help of chains, you can practice it without undue difficulty.

For a short descent into the woods, followed by a lift that takes us on the ridge of the mountain, where you can admire the natural scenery of extraordinary beauty created by the contrast between the deep blue sea and the various shades of green of the foliage.

This picturesque scene accompany us all the way, who is running smoothly, except for two fallen trees that obstruct the path to the point where the descent begins. From here to the bay until the arrival of the chains were placed in the most steep and slippery (due to the presence of leaves) that make easier the path (including lifts).

cala degli InglesiWe thus arrive at Cala degli Inglesi, a beautiful bay characterized by massive boulders of the conglomerate, and an uncontaminated sea.

After a rest and a swim (weather permitting), we retrace the path of going to, in about 40 ', leads us to places Vessinaro, where we continue on the right path to advance narrow and flat at the crossroads (on the left up to Pietre Strette) in the village called Cappelletta.

We proceed straight on and after 50 meters, near a small chapel, we encounter a gate, positioned to prevent the passage of wild animals that pass by (it is recommended to close it), from here you can enjoy a lovely view of the point of Portofino, and castle Brown.

After a small gallery of rock and foliage and a second gate, a series of steps of pebbles and cement, well-maintained, lead us into the Fondaco Street, at the bottom of the parking lot of Portofino.veduta dalla pedonale Paraggi-Portofino

The final part of the itinerary, is on the pedestrian Portofino - Paraggi, a nice walk raised a few feet from the road that begins opposite the church of San Martino, at the entrance of Portofino, and ends (after 30 ') in the village of Paraggi.

If you want you can go to Santa Margherita Ligure by feet along the coast.

Alternatively you can return to Santa Margherita Ligure using the buses that depart regularly from Paraggi and possibly for those who are tired, also from Portofino.

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From 4h to 5h

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