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Trail ring Nozarego - Bocche - Costasecca

  • Nozarego - Bocche - Costasecca - Nozarego
Difficulty Medium
Duration 2h 30'
Length Km. 6,720
Footpath signs segnavia + segnavia + segnavia
Dislivello 142m - 473m | dislivello positivo 464m | dislivello positivo 461m
StartStarting point

The best time to take this route, which, in part, develops along uncrowded paths, is spring when nature is at its fullest.
Once in Nozarego take the wide path of stones and concrete you will find shortly after the church.
The path, after a short uphill stretch, joins a secondary path always coming from Nozarego and continues straight on overlooking the Gulf. 

After about 10 minutes, when you arrive at a small chapel, Cappelletta delle Gave , turn right but immediately leave the main path to continue right following the signs for “Bocche”.
The climb is in the woods and has some stone steps covered with leaves and continue along a narrow path that runs alongside some private properties bordered by pittosporum plants arriving at Il Frate .

Keep attention: here there is a bollard for wild boars, which could also create problems for the passage of dogs.

Here, turn left to cross the most pleasant stretch of the entire route. The path, in fact, surrounded by a priceless silence, develops between flowery meadows and expanses of olive trees and offers a splendid sea view. Passing under a house you will come to a crossroads, on the right there is a gate you always go straight, bypassing the electric wire you meet in front of you (it is installed to prevent the passage of wild boars, during the day there is no electricity) .
 Surrounded on one side by the forest and on the other from the typical terraced fields called "Fasce", when you arrive at a detour, continue straight (the path on the left is a private road) on the path that soon begins to climb through the woods.

When you reach the wooden hut, turn right and reach “Il Monte”, from where you have to continue left, always following the signs for “Bocche”. At the fork, keep right (on the left you go down to Portofino) and continue straight uphill, ignoring the two detours on the left that you encounter along the way, up to the crossroads. Here, continue to the right to reach “Bocche” where you will find a rest point equipped with benches, tables and a drinking water tap. You are now on the Portofino Vetta - Portofino Mare path.

Continue to the right (towards the mountain) on the wide path for about 300 meters, until you see on the right a path marked with two diamonds that goes down to Santa Margherita Ligure. The first part is quite steep and impervious, but after some meters it becomes more and more pleasant. Proceed beyond the locality of “Costa d'Aria” continue to go along down the bumpy stone steps that lead you to a house (the first you come across); turn right here and follow the path marked with trail sign

In a few minutes you come out in Busseto or Busseo , a small group of houses; follow the asphalted road that runs downhill and, take the first detour to the right continuing on the steep slope. After the restaurant "La Stalla", leave the carriage road and continue on the path to the right which soon leads you to the cemetery of Nozarego, just behind the church.

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The path tracked on Google MapsAttention : une borne pour sangliers a été placée dans cette section, ce qui pourrait également créer des problèmes pour le passage des chiens.

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From 2h to 3h
Length Km
6 - 8
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