Nozarego - Bocche - Costasecca - Nozarego

Nozarego - Bocche - Costasecca - Nozareg
  • Nozarego - Bocche - Costasecca - Nozareg
Difficulty Medium
Time 2h 15'
Distance km. 4,500
Signs segnavia + segnavia
Passing through

The best time to undertake this journey, which, in part, extends along beaten path, is spring when nature is in its full splendor.
Once in Nozarego with your media or by bus, take the wide path of stone andcement that found shortly after the church (coming from Santa Margherita).
The trail, after a short climb, it connects with another trail coming Nozarego always go straight and facing the Gulf.nozarego - gave

After about 10 minutes, when you reach a small chapel (chapel of Gave), turn right once but leave the main path and turn right following the "Bocche".
Climb into the forest that has some stone steps covered with leaves and then continues along a narrow path that runs alongside some private properties bounded by pittosporum, arrive in town and Il Frate.

Here turn left to cross the stretch of the entire journey more enjoyable. The path, in fact, surrounded by priceless silence spread through fields of flowers and olive trees and offers a wonderful sea view. Passing under a house to come to a crossroads, there is a gate on the right you go straight, crossing the wire that you encounter in front of you (it is for wild boar, there is no electricity during the day).
località il FrateSurrounded by forest on one side and the other bands, come to a junction, go straight (left is a private road) on the trail soon begins to climb through the woods.

At the height of the wooden shack, turn right and go to place "The Mountain",where you turn left, still following the sign "Bocche". At the fork keep right (left is down to Portofino) and continue straight uphill, leaving the two deviations to the left that you meet along the way, to the junction. Here, go right (left leads to Monte Pollone) to reach places "Bocche", a stopping point equipped with benches, tables and drinking water faucet. You are now on top of the trajectory Portofino - Portofino sea.

Continue right (towards Monte) on the wide path for about 300 meters until you see the right, a path with two diamonds set down in Santa Margherita Ligure. The first section is quite steep and inaccessible, but then gradually becomes more enjoyable. Passing place "Costa d'Aria", get off the uneven stone steps that lead from a house (the first one encountered), here turn right and walk down a narrow path marked by segnavia
In a few minute you arrive in place Busseto, a small group of houses, follow the paved road that runs downhill and take the first right turn to continue on the steep climb. After the restaurant, leave the road and continue on the path to the right which leads you to Nozarego cemetery behind the church.

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