Nozarego - Costa d'Aria - Base 0 - Olmi - Gave- Nozarego

Nozarego - Costa d'Aria - Base 0 - Olmi - Gave- Nozarego
  • Nozarego - Costa d'Aria - Base 0 - Olmi - Gave- Nozarego
Difficulty Medium/Low
Time 3h 20'
Distance km. 6,400
Signs segnavia + segnavia + segnavia +segnavia + segnavia

Passing through

The itinerary begins with the small path behind the church square of Nozarego, goes up to the cemetery.panorama da nozarego

Follow the signs for Busseto-Costa Secca (segnavia Nozarego-Santa Margherita), Turn left and continue on the path from where you can admire stunning views from the top of Santa Margherita, 10 minutes after the road becomes paved and passes next to a restaurant and then descends to a crossroads. Here, right, comes a steep ascent to a small group of houses called Busseto.

Where ends the road, before the last house, even if somewhat camouflaged by vegetation is a small narrow path in 10 minutes, passing through the bands,you connect to via Costasecca (the road next to the 'hospital of Santa Margherita  Ligure), near a stone building.

At this point, climb Portofino Vetta, on the trail quite steep and uneven, going from place Costa d'Aria (306mt. above sea level) (right at 2 minutes one reaches the Cross of San Siro, an old cross, run down) . Along this stretch of trail, very shady, is beyond the deviations for Pollone Mount (left) and then right, to  Dolcina (and therefore San Lorenzo della Costa).santa margherita-pietre strette

After about 20 minutes of ascent, quite tortuous, partly because of the high steps, you come out on the "Portofino Vetta" - "Portofino Mare" that must go in the direction Pietre Strette (464mt. above sea level), until the first turning on the right (after about 10'), which leads to Base 0.

The trail, which follows the ridge of the Mount and has much panoramic viewpoints, advancing now, on a slight slope up to place Felciara (436mt. asl),a clearing in the middle of the stop facilities for ferns. Go past the place Ghidelli (393 m above sea level) and the Costa dei Ghidelli increases gradient and, in short, you get to place Base 0 (220mt. above sea level), military post of the Second World War, where you can take a little break and take in San Fruttuoso, before continuing on the path to the left.

Cappelletta-Base0This stretch of trail, very scenic, runs along the western side of the promontory of Portofino, overlooking the many bays on the plain below, and stretches alternating with typical ups and downs in the midst of rocky boulders.

After passing a valley shaded and humid, and places of Prato and Vessinaro you come to a crossroads as a stopping point equipped with some benches and a table, from where you continue on the main street (towards Portofino Vetta) that goes up through olive trees pittosporum and up to place Olmi (250mt. above sea level).

Here, take the right path that advances mainly in the plain to a steep but short climb that anticipates the Mulino del Gassetta, eco-museum and a resting spot, followed by a lay public, which also includes a shut-off drinking water.

sentiero gave-nozaregoProceed straight ahead on the trail of advancing between fasce, gardens and homes before moving to cooler areas and shaded and get in front of the chapel of Gave (168 m above sea level).
The last stretch of trail, mostly flat, consists of a broad and easy trail that offers stunning shots of pebbles on the Gulf of Tigullio, in particular on the underlying Punta Pedale and the Abbey of Cervara.
Go past some beautiful houses with manicured gardens, with a slope surrounded by shrubs, we arrive in front of the parish of Nozarego.

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From 3h to 4h

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