Let's know the Che Pru Association

Our interest in local realities committed to promoting the territory led us to meet Anita Bacigalupo and Elisa Ci Penagini , two enterprising girls who have decided to dedicate a part of their time to the enhancement and promotion of this territory with particular regard to the development of conscious tourism.

How did they do it? ... creating the Social Promotion Association, on last April 2020 Che Prü, a dialectal term that the Ligurians often use to express an intense feeling of pleasure that the literal translation "what a pleasure!" it fails to convey the meaning completely.

But behind the choice of this name, which wants to underline the pleasure of living different experiences in our territory, there is also the story of a friendship of four girls (Anita and Cicci and two others) who grew up together in Zoagli, < / em> and that they were called " Le pr ü tte " (not so easy to translate in English) and so they created a parallel world and a language understandable only to them and that still use today .

The Association is based in Zoagli and aims to spread local culture and traditions through meetings, exhibitions, educational projects with schools and special events such as the one organized to celebrate the world day of bees together with beekeeping. Mi&le or the magic night of S. Giovanni set up in Semorile, a small village near Zoagli.

But that's not all, the two founders of "Che Prü" have reopened the doors of the Tourist Information and Reception Office (IAT) in Zoagli, after years of closure, guaranteeing, on a voluntary basis, a information service for citizens and tourists.
In the small place in Via Merello 6, local artisanal products are often exhibited because, among the objectives of the Association, there is also the possibility of giving visibility and support to small local producers.

A commendable commitment to which you can contribute by actively collaborating with them or by becoming members by contacting them at this e-mail address.