Ten years of portofinotrek

It's been 10 years...

p>Ten years go by quickly (once they have passed ...) and we would never have imagined obtaining such feedback as to be considered, according to many, a reference point for hikers heading to the Portofino Park area.

It was June 2010 when, looking online for suggestions to make walks on the "Monte di Portofino" alternatives to the more classic itineraries, we report that clear, simple and updated information on the paths was lacking. Hence the idea of trying to trace and describe the various paths of the Portofino Park ... for us an extra incentive to walk!
At the same time we worked on the site and in September 2010 portofinotrek.com was published online, gradually continuing to add the missing itineraries.

Immediately after the first months of publication we realized that it was working; visits to the website increased, month after month, year after year, reaching a monthly average of over 12,000 visits per month.< br /> Also this year 2020, despite the months of lock down, in which visits have obviously collapsed, the website is experiencing an even more marked success, reaching over 18,000 visits in June!

All this pushed and convinced us even more to update the website; a more current graphics and a navigation that makes it more usable and easier to consult.

We walked again along the more than 80 km of paths that cross the “Park of Portofino” and also the paths around Rapallo reaching Zoagli in order to update the paths and the signposts that we have often found modified.
Unfortunately, having to combine work and passion, we are unable to systematically and constantly travel the large area that we have decided to promote, so any reports of problems and / or relating to the paths that will inevitably escape us will be welcome.

We decided to open this blog too, inaugurating it with this first presentation post; here we will tell a little more about our experiences on our walks around the towns of Rapallo, S. Margherita Ligure, Camogli, Portofino and even Zoagli.
We also aim to keep our readers updated with news and curiosities about our area; There will also be a category dedicated to equipment and one to "green life", a topic that we particularly care about and that we try to implement in our daily life.

In June 2020 we were  invited to join the project called "Tigullio Outdoor Experience" which brings together 5 organizations active in the promotion and revaluation of the Gulf of Tigullio and its hinterland up to the Val d'Aveto: Valli Parco dell' Aveto, Cooperativa Dafne, Pietre parlanti, Rapallo Outdoor.
This has filled us with pride and has given us further confirmation that the work done in these 10 years has not been in vain but has served us to promote our wonderful territory often taken (especially by us who live there) too much for granted, but which is not obvious at all.