On this page you can find updates on variations and also explanations on the routes shown on the portofinotrek paper trail map.

- Sentiero Liguria

On the map it will be possible to find the signpost of the Liguria path (Sentiero Liguria) that connects Luni to Ventimiglia for a length of 675 km; specifically on our map it will be possible to find it on the Chiavari - Montallegro trails; Rapallo - Zoagli; Rapallo - S. Lorenzo della Costa - S. Margherita Ligure - Nozarego - Paraggi - Portofino and up to Camogli passing through Pietre Strette and San Rocco di Camogli with the signposts listed below.

Sentiero Liguria Sentiero Liguria

- Thick lines and thin lines

In order to represent the routes on the portofinotrek map, we have adopted the following method:

  • Thick red line: Paths with signposts
  • Thin red line: Paths without trail markers

We have made an exception for the paths of the municipality of Zoagli which we have decided to represent with a thick line even though they do not present signs, apart from those that are part of the route of the 5 Campanili (Segnavia 5 campanili zoagli), but are still very well marked by means of signaling posts.