Where Are U

After the lockdown period and the resumption of hiking, even in the Park of Portofino there were numerous requests for intervention in order to help hikers in difficulty.

It is true that most of these accidents could have been avoided, perhaps by wearing a pair of technical shoes instead of flip-flops or by first inquiring about the characteristics of the chosen itinerary, it is no coincidence that a high percentage of accidents occurred in one of the more challenging paths in the Park: San Rocco di Camogli - Passo del bacio - San Fruttuoso di Camogli.

But even the most experienced hiker may find himself in a situation that, due to a physical problem, loss of orientation or a sudden change in weather, needs help.

This is why today we decided to talk about WHERE ARE U, a multilingual application, free and easy to use, which allows you to send the request for help and the exact position in which you are active to 112Nue, the Unique European Number. even in the whole of Liguria now.

How does it works?

Everything is very simple; first you need to download the app, then enter the required data (name, surname, gender, date of birth) and place the app icon on the main screen of the smartphone. Probably (and we hope so), like so many other applications, it will take up some phone memory to never use.

But in the unfortunate event that you find yourself in difficulty, just click a button on your smartphone to start the automatic call and send your exact position, and, if you are unable to speak, by selecting "silent call" some icons will allow you to specify the type of intervention requested, directing the call to the person in charge (Fire fighters, Health Rescue, Public Security).

The automatic sending of the position allows the operator to send help faster and without the possibility of error, immediately identifying the precise place where the applicant is, even when the subject is not able to provide exact data about his position.

What happens if you are in an area where there is no internet data network?

Even weak telephone coverage is sufficient to send an SMS and be located.

WHERE ARE U is available for IOS, ANDROID and can be downloaded from:

WHERE ARE U is certainly a fundamental application for hikers, but we remember some simple rules to prevent and reduce the number of interventions:

  • Check the weather the day before your excursion and avoid going out if the forecast is not optimal.
  • Wear suitable clothing for the planned excursion.
  • Find out about the level of difficulty and travel times of the route.
  • Have an adequate amount of water

We want to emphasize that the application is not limited to hikers, but is recommended for anyone who can use it at any time when the person is in danger.