All the paths from Rapallo by reaching the Sanctuary of Caravaggio

The Sanctuary of Caravaggio, located on Orsena mount at 615m s.l.m, is a very popular destination for hikers due to the exceptional view that opens onto the Tigullio and Paradiso Gulfs and to the ample possibility of continuing in different directions.

Due to its particular location, it can only be reached by feet, also from Uscio, Recco, Ruta di Camogli and from Fontanabuona but, belonging to the Municipality of Rapallo, it seems right to focus on the paths that start from the well-known coastal city.

Walking to the discovery of ancient abandoned paths (and sometimes disappeared because they are incorporated into private properties) we have identified some paths to climb to the Sanctuary that are added to the more known ones already described on our site:

Some paths which we have identified are not officially marked at the moment, but being paths used by the inhabitants of the hamlets, they are easily identified and allow you to create ring routes.

  • Departure from SAN MARTINO DI NOCETO : Starting from the parish church, take Via della Fonte where you meet the characteristic Fons Gemina ( from Latin "Fonte Gemella" and is a source that takes its name from the particularity that two distinct sources flow from it. It is, most likely, of Roman origin and instead dates back only to 1810 the pointed arch structure in which a marble statuette is placed della Madonna. Source: Carlo Gatti-MareNostrum ) and then go up to the right on Salita dell'Acero . Climb for about 800 meters to get to Colle di Monte Esoli meeting the "Ruta-Caravaggio" path.
    From here, just turn right for reaching our destination.

  • Departure from SANTA MARIA DEL CAMPO : Another solution starting from S. Maria, in addition to the one shown in the link above, is starting from Via Cavagino , on the right looking at the church of S. Maria; go up the driveway which becomes a mule track shortly after. Continue on Salita Caravaggio and after about 2km and an hour of walking you will arrive at the Piane di Caravaggi o. From here it is possible to see the Church on Monte Orsena which is easily reachable.

  • Departure from SAN PIETRO DI NOVELLA : Take Via Torre Dondero following the empty square sign and continue until you'll reach the crossroads where you take the path that climbs towards Caravaggio marked with which will take you to the landing platform helicopters and then climbing the staircase to the Church of Caravaggio.