Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo

Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo
  • Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo
  • Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo
  • Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo
  • Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo
  • Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo
Difficulty Medium - low
Time 2h 30"
Signs segnavia + segnavia + segnavia
Passing through

This itinerary can be viewed as the ideal continuation of the excursion Rapallo - Montallegro described here , or a good path to be coupled to a cableway ascent to the Sanctuary. Only source of water of the whole journey is the fountain behind the church of Montallegro.

The trail begins behind the Sanctuary of Montallegro with the path to your left (going right along Chiavari, and rights, we climb to Monte Rosa). You will notice that this stretch is marked by several signs, you must follow the red diamond (segnavia Montallegro - Crocetta). It 'still can not go wrong, just keep going straight ignoring deviations encountered on the right leading to the Fontanabuona.

This is a beautiful path, initially paved, which alternates passages in the forest to more open spaces, which allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of Rapallo. After about 30 minutes of pleasant walk on the plain, slightly down heralds the arrival of the Crocetta Pass, where you will find a small chapel.

Cross the road and take the flat path to the left (uphill coming to the shelter and Mount Margaret Pegge) that begins surrounded by brambles, but continuing it becomes easier. Now the sign is to be followed by three dots(segnavia Crocetta - Rapallo).

Continue straight along the narrow path (in some places is very narrow) walking in the midst of lush vegetation, and offers sweeping views of San Maurizio dei Monti and Montallegro.
When, shortly after a small area without trees, which lends itself to a picnic break, you are faced with a detour is not very evident, take the trail to the right marked with a circle crossed out ( cerchio sbarrato ).

After passing Pian dei Merli, a small square that houses a location for hunting wild boar, keep on the path below that after a stroke begins to fall flat in a beautiful forest of chestnut and oak. The descent, after about 20 minutes, out of the woods and meets a small paved road in the village the Madonna Nera.

Continue left to walk the trail, very scenic in the initial section, which falls between rustic and beautiful villas. Cross the driveway to meet shortly after to take the mule track that develops between cultivated fields and arrive at the church of St. Agostino.

Here, take the path to the left through a core group of small houses to approach gradually the village above the town cemetery.

The last stretch of the route consists of Ascent St. Agostino, a steep descent takes you behind the asphalt Rapallo railway station (with the subway can be reached Nazioni and the center of Rapallo).

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From 2h to 3h

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