Portofino vetta - Pietre strette - Molini - Base 0 - Prato - Portofino Vetta

Portofino vetta - Pietre strette - Molini - Base 0 - Prato - Portofino Vetta
  • Portofino vetta - Pietre strette - Molini - Base 0 - Prato - Portofino Vetta
Difficulty Medium-Low
Time 3h
Length km. 9,400
Signs segnavia+ segnavia+segnavia+segnavia
Passing through

This circular itinerary from Portofino Vetta is developed through certain paths in the park off the beaten path, and alternating passages in the woods in the most panoramic sea passages.

Via d' accesso a Portofino vetta

Park the car in Portofino Vetta (420mt. asl), continue the drive way to get access to the trails behind the hotel. Keep the main path that moves through mostly flat Gaixella place (412 mt. Asl), a crossroads of paths and stopping place, to arrive, after a quarter of an hour, a Pietre Strette (464 mt. Above sea level).

Apart benches, wooden tables and drinking water faucet, you will find many branches, you must turn right, among the boulders, and then left to go down towards San Fruttuoso. The path descends in the shaded woods until Caselle places, you recognize the presence of a drinking water faucet.

località Molini

Walk a few meters until you reach Molini (248 mt. Above sea level) where a sign, placed in a very wide, indicating Costa Ghidelli of the left (right, in short, just past the farm and is accessed to San Fruttuoso).

Here begins the stretch of path, all uphill, less popular but very nice because you find yourself surrounded by a forest of chestnut trees and pines. After about 20 minutes arriving in Costa dei Ghidelli (385 mt. Above sea level).

costa dei ghidelli

From here the descent becomes gradually steeper in a spectacular scenery, right, you can see some glimpses of San Fruttuoso, and left, over the vegetation, an expanse of blue sea.

When you reach a fork where you will notice some tree trunks are used as chairs, place Base 0 (220 mt. Above sea level), you must turn left (on the right path to San Fruttuoso of Camogli).


The trail now moves in a plane, completely overlooking the sea with breathtaking views of the coves including below Cala British and Punta del Giasso. From base 0 to Portofino

After a brief passage in a cool shady valley, you find yourself back to shore to go down through some protruding boulders that take you places in Prato, consisting of a cluster of homes in an enviable position.

At this point, to return to the starting point we suggest another path less known but no less beautiful, the main path that leads to the summit of Mount Portofino - Portofino sea. Turn, then, on the left and climb through the forest following the signs for The Casone that will reach after about 20 minutes.

il casone

From here, going always to the left, passed without difficulty from locations Bocche, where you will find a resting place and a tap for drinking water, and arrived at Pietre Strette where retracing the same route back to the parking lot.


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From 2h to 3h

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