You don't know what to do in Liguria and you take a long time to decide?

Browsing the web we discovered Wevyt, a really interesting website that intrigued us a lot and prompted us to chat with the creator, Mattia Placido, to find out more about it.

And this is what he told us.

"...It all started in response to a problem I encountered while organizing my free time.

To answer the classic question today what do I do and where do I go, I always wasted a lot of time and encountered many difficulties.

From here Wevyt was born, which is not by chance the acronym of We Value Your Time which aims to enhance the free time of people.

We believe that to do this the first step is to not waste time for people to organize themselves.

To do this, as you can see in the video below, the platform creates tailor-made suggestions based on the interests and passions of users with the places to visit and outdoor experiences to be practiced in the desired area, from sports to food and beverage experiences in nature..."

Find out more about our magnificent Liguria clicking the link here below:

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