The cableway to Montallegro is closed for maintenance

A group of friends from portofinotrek, who had planned a trip on the panoramic cableway that in eight minutes goes up from Rapallo to the Sanctuary of Montallegro had the unpleasant surprise of find everything closed.

Not having found news of the closure on the official websites and even if currently due to the new impositions against Covid19 it can only be used by citizens residing in Rapallo, in order to avoid the same unpleasant inconvenience to other hikers, we inform you that the cableway will be closed until 18 December 2020 for maintenance
(source: the sign at the cable car ticket office).

We remind you that Montallegro can still be reached by car , bus or by feet along different paths we described in page dedicated to itineraries departing from Rapallo .