Swine fever in Liguria does NOT involve the Tigullio

Following the discovery of some cases of swine fever also in our region an ordinance was issued which provides for the establishment of a red zone , between the provinces of Savona and Genoa, where certain activities are prohibited for six months: hunting , fishing, mushroom picking, trekking, mountain biking .

A necessary measure to contain the spread of the virus that man, while not risking to be infected, could contribute to spread it with the soles of shoes or bicycle wheels, in non-infected areas, seriously endangering farms.

Currently Sori is the most easterly city included in the red zone, therefore starting from Recco and throughout the east Ligurian, including the Portofino Park, there are no restrictions and all the paths proposed on our site they are easily accessible.

Below you can see the map where the borders of the red zone are clearly highlighted (got from www.genova24.it website)

mappa peste suina liguria