Rapallo - Montallegro cableway reopens

On March 5th the Rapallo - Montallegro cableway reopens after the period of closure for maintenance.
It rises from sea level to an altitude of 600m above sea level in 8 minutes, offering users an exceptional view of the Gulf of Tigullio .

The lift, inaugurated in 1934, is an attraction for many tourists because it is unique in Liguria as well as representing an alternative to go up to the Sanctuary of Montallegro faster and more unusual than the bus and the ancient mule track.

The cable car is also increasingly popular with numerous hikers who choose Montallegro as the starting point for itineraries on foot or MTB which then continue in different directions, on more or less paths. challenging but always panoramic:

- Anello di Coreglia
- Montallegro - Chiavari
- Cornice di Rapallo
- Montallegro - Crocetta - Rapallo

For cable car timetables and prices, we recommend visiting the dedicated website