Trekking Poles

"Trekking poles would be needed on this path"... “Here you have to cling to the chains and maybe the sticks could be in the way”... phrases that systematically returned during our excursions, depending on the situation in which we found ourselves.

In a fairly steep path covered with leaves such as the one that leads, for example, to the wild Cala degli Inglesi, in the Portofino Park, surely they would have served us not to slip, but where to put them when we found ourselves having to use our hands to to overcome the "rocks" that precede the arrival at the top of Manico del Lume on the heights of Rapallo? or along the famous exposed passages that characterize the Passo del Bacio between San Rocco di Camogli and San Fruttuoso?

For some time, we continued to walk on the paths without sticks, taking our doubts with us, looking for a wooden stick recovered in the woods if necessary, until one day, trekking with our friend Francesca, who had them, she convinced to buy them.

Searching for "trekking poles" on the web we found a variety of models and different price ranges. After studying a bit and reading a few reviews, we opted for the Unigear brand product, with features that seemed suited to our needs and an acceptable price to start with.

Within a few days, the courier delivers the package to us: enclosed in a small bag, also practical for transporting them, the two folding sticks are incredibly light and not bulky at all, so much so that they can be easily put in the backpack. Also there are interchangeable feet for different types of terrain or even snow.

The initial enthusiasm, however, was somewhat dampened by the practical test, because using them is not as immediate and automatic as it might seem, and we felt a bit awkward.

Two or three outings were enough to become familiar with our new walking companions and gradually assume an increasingly relaxed and natural gait, making our excursions more enjoyable.

The advantages and benefits did not take long to manifest themselves:

- A soreness in the arms, especially in the triceps, demonstrating that the upper body is also involved in the exercise, with consequent lightening of the weight on the knees and ankles.
- A greater balance, especially during the descents.
- A more correct posture, especially when tackling climbs that normally lead to hunching, with great relief for the back.
- The movement of the arms favors the opening of the chest, improving breathing and making walking more pleasant.
- During particularly demanding descents, they become a support to avoid slipping.
- If anyone still has doubts about the use of trekking poles, given our positive experience, we would like to recommend them 100%.


  • Brand: Unigear
  • Type: foldable (folded measure 37cm)
  • Material: carbon fiber and aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 254 gr
  • Handle: rubber
  • Height: easily adjustable from 115cm to 135cm

They are also equipped with:

- Interchangeable feet for different types of terrain and snow Bag to carry them Velcro to keep them together Excellent value for money

Only note: the minimum height is not suitable for people shorter than 1.65 meters

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