The importance of socks while trekking

We must admit that, before now, we have never given much importance to the choice of socks for our treks, wearing more or less sporty socks, light in summer and warmer in winter, with an eye more to aesthetics than to real technical properties.

At the beginning of this summer 2020 we came across the home page of the Oxeego brand website, a beautiful showcase of original sports socks with an attractive design, divided by activity: cycling, running, outdoor.

Our curiosity prompted us to deepen the topic looking for the most suitable product for our type of activity, which turned out to be the Outdoor model, and after reading the descriptive sheet and the technical characteristics we decided to try them, overcoming the initial hesitation due to a price higher than what we used to pay for a pair of socks.

The seriousness of this Italian company, precisely from the Trentino region, can already be guessed from the packaging, an elegant resealable envelope with the words "ride here ride now" accompanied by washing instructions, a thank you card and a series of nice stickers.
And finally the socks ...
The colors are even more beautiful and bright than in the photo, the filaments are of quality and are packaged with great care, reinforcing some areas of the foot that are most stressed, around the toes and the heel. Another point is the reinforced instep area to prevent chafing of the node of the shoe on the affected part.

The first opportunity to wear them is a very hot August day, with a high humidity rate, but not enough for us to make us give up our excursion to reach the quiet of the paths.
Put on the socks, we were struck by the feeling of "cool" that is perceived, despite the climatic conditions, as well as a pleasant wrapping of the foot that accompanied us for the entire duration of the trek.
The height of the sock, which covers part of the calf, protects against possible scratches and cuts when crossing stretches of little-traveled paths with tall grass and brambles.

The difference with the previously used socks is also evident in the post-use, the foot is completely dry, without blisters or other problems due, at times, to the sock rubbing with the shoe or marks left by too tight elastic bands.
Reused several times, following the washing instructions, they have been kept in excellent condition.

These are our personal impressions, but behind this product there is a study and continuous research to ensure maximum comfort for those who, like us, practice outdoor activities.

A result fully achieved thanks to the use of innovative materials such as the soft touch sponge combined with the application of new technologies, in this case, Oxeego Antibacterial, which has antibacterial properties (helps to counteract bad odor) and regulates foot sweating.
We want to applaud this company that makes research and traditional values its strengths that will surely make it affirm internationally.


  • Sizes: 35/38 39/42 43/36
  • Colors: 9 modelli
  • Fabric Composition: 51% Poyester 3% Elastan 41% Micromodal 5% Nylon
  • Use of yarnCeliant


  • Helps regulate foot temperature
  • It improves oxygenation and promotes circulation
  • High sweat absorption capacity
  • Reinforcements and wear protection
  • Reduces the risk of blisters and irritation
  • High antibacterial properties

We are happy that Oxeego, a family business that also produces scientifically tested technical underwear, has agreed to become a Portofinotrek Partner.